Worship Workbench

Worship Workbench offers practical teaching about Christian worship and the preparation of liturgy from retired ELCIC pastor and liturgy professor, Paul F. Bosch, CWA. Pastor Bosch offers these essays as “shop-talk for worship leaders” with the wish that they be useful, provocative and entertaining. While Pastor Bosch speaks to the particular context of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, much of what he offers is broadly accessible to the ecumenical community.

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Pastor Bosch [pbosch@golden.net] has served a long and fruitful ministry as parish pastor, campus pastor, and seminary teacher; he is a popular and inspiring preacher, teacher, worship leader, and workshop leader. He served several terms each on the ULCA’s Commission on Church Architecture, on the LCA’s Management Committee for Worship, and on the ELCIC’s Working Group on Worship. In the 1970’s, as the LBW was being developed, he served as Chaplain at no fewer than 26 Summer Conferences on Worship, sponsored by ALC, LCA and LCMS, introducing LBW resources. In 1996, Pastor Bosch was honoured by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada as its first Companion of the Worship Arts. In 2002, he was named Dean of the Chapel Emeritus at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary. Pastor Bosch currently serves as the Kitchener-Waterloo Conference Resource Person for Worship. Pastor Bosch resides in Waterloo, Ontario. Essays which bear most directly on matters related to the ELCIC’s Reclaiming Our Birthright project have the “Birthright” tag.